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CNC Busbar Punching Cutting Machine  MX602K-7C/MX302K-7C

CNC copper punching machine

Main Function:
To cut/punch(all kingds of round/square/special holes and slot type)/chamfer/emboss the copper/
aluminum busbar ect.
Function Introduction:
●● 1. This machine belongs to the special processing equipment of electrical power industry, high and low
voltage complete sets, bus bar way and so on.
●● 2. With the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption, labor saving, time saving, high
processing precision, convenient operation, beautiful and novel appearance (patent number: ZL
●● 3. The equipment has a unique processing principle and processing method,Hydraulic cylinder moving device
is design patent (patent number: 201320804568.X ZL),Daily processing capacity is in the number of tons or
more.It is the preferred equipment for busbar processing line.
●● 4. Mould base can choose 5 punching+1cutting+1embossing or 7punching+1cutting this two kinds of straight
column type mould base.
●● 5. Cutting dies is a single pole type hedge Scissor (Patent No.: ZL 201300804566) no waste after shearing.
●● 6. The whole machine is composed of feeding platform, mould base, feeding device and servo control unit
and lijian busbar processing assistant design system(certificate number: 846802nd)Real-time showing
operating state of the program.
●● 7. Mould frame adopts nodular cast iron material,good abrasion resistance, ensuring the concentric of the he
upper and lower dies When long-term use when processing.

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