For the use of closed hydraulic system conditions?

Rotary motion (winch mechanism, slewing mechanism):
Large tonnage cranes, loaders [generally more than 80 tons of cranes and more than 150 tons of the main hoist crane structure, more than 20 tons of loader slewing mechanism is recommended closed loop, large tonnage rig (40 tons) Powerhead and hoisting mechanism are advised to be combined with travel by means of a combined closed loop via a switching valve].

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Walking hydraulic system:
For the walking part can not consider the size of the load, can be closed laser metal cutting machine loop.
Frequent movement of the station:
Concrete pumps, port wheeled cranes (because the closed-loop response is fast and efficient).
Only a single movement of the occasion:
Logging system;
What kind of closed system has competitive power?
Instead of a pure hydraulic system, the use of electronic control CNC H-Beam Drilling, that is, the use of microprocessors, can make closed systems more competitive.
All-terrain crane: lifting capacity of 150 tons or more winch, lifting capacity of 80 tons or more of the slewing mechanism, the travel agencies
Crawler crane: lifting capacity of 80 tons or more in the hoisting mechanism, slewing mechanism and the travel drive mechanism.
Marine Cranes: All movements achieved by the use of busbar bending machine winch changing mechanisms.
Offshore Platform Crane: All movements achieved by the use of winch changing mechanisms.
Railway cranes: Hydrostatic drive systems with speeds above 40 km / h.
A loader, a road roller, a paver, a driller, a forestry machine, and the like.
Drilling machine power head and winch mechanism
Logging system
Concrete pump system
Aircraft tractor

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