small amount of rough punching machine for Head

Talking about the Importance of Aero – punching Industry to the Development of Press Weapon manufacturing industry needs a large number of large-scale CNC punch press, punch solid, strong. Weapon manufacturing industry requires a small number of lathes, vertical processing core, five-axis processing center, boring and milling machine boring, boring and milling processing core, gear processing presses and so on. Power generation is equipped with an important industry to create heavy CNC boring and milling machine, large-scale floor boring and milling machine, large CNC lathes, blade root slot milling machine and CNC machining, such as punching machine, power transmission equipment industry to create important CNC lathes, machining centers, CNC boring machine. Construction machinery industry needs a small number of small and medium sized CNC punch press such as CNC lathes, medium-sized processing center, CNC milling machines and gear processing presses and so on. Mold manufacturing industry needs high-speed CNC milling machines CNC angle mark, coordinate measuring machines, rough machining punch, high-precision machining centers, rough grinders and so on.

Small and rough CNC punching machine: such as high-speed milling core bus bar bending machines, high-speed machining center, small rough lathes, small rough punch, rough and super-rough processing, such as special CNC punch and rough electric processing presses and so on. Space property needs a small amount of rough punching machine for Head, high-speed, small and medium sized CNC punch press, such as rough CNC lathe and turning core, vertical and horizontal conversion five-axis machining center, high-precision electric punching machine, high-precision universal grinding machine and coordinate grinding machine. Automobile spare parts production requires a small number of CNC lathes, vertical and horizontal processing core, CNC high-efficiency grinding machine and CNC gear processing presses and so on. CNC punch press is the manufacturing industry, ‘the parent machine’, just after the punch only to produce all the necessary parts and components industry, the development of punch industry directly related to the development of all walks of life, the same application development of these industries To the development of punch

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