Precision steel frame pneumatic punch drill machine for flange

Precision steel frame pneumatic punch, quality and cheap, co-forging punch manufacturers IPM punch precision steel frame manufacturers pneumatic punch body has a very high rigidity and good accuracy of the larger bed, can be applied to continuous processing under the feed, punching, forming, extension and other processing, and optional Installation of mobile trolleys, in order to achieve rapid change model know purpose. This model is particularly suitable for cars, motorcycles, metal, household appliances and other products of the stamping process. And has a straight-type one-piece body to eliminate the similar type C punch body opening phenomenon custom drilling machine. Further improve the processing accuracy and increase the added value. Thereby improving operability and safety at the rear of the press. Body rigidity, vibration, noise also will be reduced, thereby improving the working environment drill machine for flange, etc., is a good punching machine. The company insists on the quality policy of ‘quality first, service wholeheartedly’, and continuously improve the quality consciousness and quality level of the whole staff steel beam fabrication, make sure the quality target and the principle of the products, and ensure the superiority and the superiority of the products in the market competition. Our production of pneumatic presses, precision punching presses and a series of quality and cheap, welcomed the overwhelming majority of customers came to negotiate!

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