heavy punch more and more drill hole in angle iron

punching at home and abroad between the enterprises of tobacco Today, the world’s heavy-duty precision punch manufacturing industry has undergone significant changes in the competitive landscape, mainly in the manufacturer of a high degree of concentration, the level of product technology gradually narrowing the gap, the user needs outstanding personality. Over the years, foreign heavy presses to enter the Chinese market mainly in Germany, Italy-based. By the impact of the world market downturn in punch, the German heavy-duty punch manufacturing industry gradually declining, some well-known enterprises were merged or closed down. However, the Italian heavy-duty enterprises in support of government subsidies, the rapid development in recent years, a great alternative to Germany’s potential. Spain’s heavy-duty punch manufacturing industry development is also impressive, no doubt will pose a certain threat to domestic enterprises iron worker tools. Therefore, in the future market competition, China’s heavy punching machine enterprises are mainly faced with international competitors mainly from Germany, Italy and Spain.

Domestic heavy punch manufacturing enterprises manufacturing capacity is very strong, but large but not fine, the main reason is the processing equipment behind, NC rate is very low, especially the lack of high-precision level of processing equipment. At the same time, domestic enterprises generally lack the ability of independent innovation, because the heavy-duty single-piece small batch of market demand characteristics, decided to higher demand for technological innovation. Domestic heavy-duty punching machine manufacturing industry to catch up with foreign advanced technology Portable Chamfering Machine, to strengthen the ‘independent innovation, precision manufacturing’ concept, accelerate the pace of independent innovation, change the domestic product behind the congenital deficiencies, can not always follow others imitation; Precision manufacturing, improve the level of product manufacturing processes and quality, including a variety of functional parts and related parts, which is the manufacture of CNC punch the two fundamental guarantee, so that China-made heavy punch as soon as possible into the international market and enhance international competition force. In addition, the impact of China’s international competitiveness of heavy punch is also an important factor, the domestic manufacturer of heavy punch more and more drill hole in angle iron, both domestic-funded enterprises, there are joint ventures, as well as the merger of well-known domestic manufacturers of domestic enterprises, market competition has become fierce , A new round of market shuffle is undercurrent. Zhaoqing press information, please click contact us.

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