Detailed safety press knowledge Detailed safety

Detailed safety press knowledge Detailed safety press knowledge Key Points of Safe Operation of Pressing Machine

(1) to strengthen the regular maintenance of stamping machinery, non-functioning sick. Before starting the operation, you must carefully check whether the protective device is intact, whether the clutch brake is flexible and safe and reliable; should the workbench of all unnecessary items to clean up, to prevent the work fell to the foot switch, causing punch Suddenly start and the accident cnc angle punching.

(2) red small parts, not by hand, should use special tools, it is best to install automatic feeding device. (3) the operator of the foot switch control must be careful, loading and unloading work, the foot should leave the foot switch. It is strictly forbidden for other personnel to stay around the foot switch.

(4) If the workpiece stuck in the mold, the application of special tools out, not allowed to hand, and should first be removed from the foot pedal.

(5) attention to the mold installation, adjustment and removal of security. ① should be carefully installed before the mold is complete, the necessary protective equipment and other accessories are complete drilling machine. ② check the press and mold the closing height to ensure that the mold used to close the height of the press between the maximum and minimum closing height. ③ When using the discharge device of the press, temporarily adjust it to the highest position so as not to be bent when adjusting the closing height of the press. ④ When installing and adjusting the mold, press the flywheel on the small press (nominal pressure 150 tons or less) to drive the slider to move up and down. For the power control of the large press, press the jog button , Not allowed to use the foot switch control. ⑤ mold installation generally first installed on the mold, after the next mold installed. ⑥ After the mold is installed, it should be run or try to check the correctness of the upper and lower mold position, and unloading, stripping and feeding device is flexible and reliable, and install all safety devices until all meet the requirements. Into production. ⑦ When disassembling the mold, cut off the power supply punch machine for flat bars, turn the press flywheel by hand or pry bar (press the micro-press button to turn on the motor), so that the slider down to the bottom dead center, the upper and lower die in closed state. Then, the first demolition of the mold, after the demolition of the slider to rise to the top dead center, so that with the upper mold completely disengaged, and finally remove the lower mold, and remove the mold to the designated location, and then carefully wipe the surface oil , Coated with anti-rust oil, secure storage, ready for reuse.

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