For the use of closed hydraulic system conditions?

Rotary motion (winch mechanism, slewing mechanism):
Large tonnage cranes, loaders [generally more than 80 tons of cranes and more than 150 tons of the main hoist crane structure, more than 20 tons of loader slewing mechanism is recommended closed loop, large tonnage rig (40 tons) Powerhead and hoisting mechanism are advised to be combined with travel by means of a combined closed loop via a switching valve].

busbar punching machine

Walking hydraulic system:
For the walking part can not consider the size of the load, can be closed laser metal cutting machine loop.
Frequent movement of the station:
Concrete pumps, port wheeled cranes (because the closed-loop response is fast and efficient).
Only a single movement of the occasion:
Logging system;
What kind of closed system has competitive power?
Instead of a pure hydraulic system, the use of electronic control CNC H-Beam Drilling, that is, the use of microprocessors, can make closed systems more competitive.
All-terrain crane: lifting capacity of 150 tons or more winch, lifting capacity of 80 tons or more of the slewing mechanism, the travel agencies
Crawler crane: lifting capacity of 80 tons or more in the hoisting mechanism, slewing mechanism and the travel drive mechanism.
Marine Cranes: All movements achieved by the use of busbar bending machine winch changing mechanisms.
Offshore Platform Crane: All movements achieved by the use of winch changing mechanisms.
Railway cranes: Hydrostatic drive systems with speeds above 40 km / h.
A loader, a road roller, a paver, a driller, a forestry machine, and the like.
Drilling machine power head and winch mechanism
Logging system
Concrete pump system
Aircraft tractor

Select the punch bevelling machine, first understand how to choose punch tonnage

Select the punch bevelling machine, first understand how to choose punch tonnage Punch to punch manufacturers to select the time in addition to quality and how to choose tonnage cnc machine for sale. Select tonnage There is a formula: F = LT? Bf L refers to the length of the trimming line. For example, if you punch a square hole, then the length of its trimming line is the sum of the four sides of the square hole is just its perimeter.

T refers to the material with the thickness of the above unit is mm, f is the blanking coefficient, the general take 1.3. Σ b refers to the tensile strength of stamping steel material, the need to check the manual CNC busbar bending, some online. The above results are multiplied by the punching force, but the unit is cattle, converted into tons to be in addition to a 9800, is the basic tonnage, and then consider the safety margin blanking and pushing the top material and other push-piece Work required force, the tonnage divided by 0.7 this coefficient is the machine’s tonnage. The above is how to choose the tonnage method you learn it? Select punch press or to understand how to choose a formal business tonnage, the right medicine, can choose to both good and affordable punch. IPM punch your best choice.

small amount of rough punching machine for Head

Talking about the Importance of Aero – punching Industry to the Development of Press Weapon manufacturing industry needs a large number of large-scale CNC punch press, punch solid, strong. Weapon manufacturing industry requires a small number of lathes, vertical processing core, five-axis processing center, boring and milling machine boring, boring and milling processing core, gear processing presses and so on. Power generation is equipped with an important industry to create heavy CNC boring and milling machine, large-scale floor boring and milling machine, large CNC lathes, blade root slot milling machine and CNC machining, such as punching machine, power transmission equipment industry to create important CNC lathes, machining centers, CNC boring machine. Construction machinery industry needs a small number of small and medium sized CNC punch press such as CNC lathes, medium-sized processing center, CNC milling machines and gear processing presses and so on. Mold manufacturing industry needs high-speed CNC milling machines CNC angle mark, coordinate measuring machines, rough machining punch, high-precision machining centers, rough grinders and so on.

Small and rough CNC punching machine: such as high-speed milling core bus bar bending machines, high-speed machining center, small rough lathes, small rough punch, rough and super-rough processing, such as special CNC punch and rough electric processing presses and so on. Space property needs a small amount of rough punching machine for Head, high-speed, small and medium sized CNC punch press, such as rough CNC lathe and turning core, vertical and horizontal conversion five-axis machining center, high-precision electric punching machine, high-precision universal grinding machine and coordinate grinding machine. Automobile spare parts production requires a small number of CNC lathes, vertical and horizontal processing core, CNC high-efficiency grinding machine and CNC gear processing presses and so on. CNC punch press is the manufacturing industry, ‘the parent machine’, just after the punch only to produce all the necessary parts and components industry, the development of punch industry directly related to the development of all walks of life, the same application development of these industries To the development of punch

Detailed description of the difference between high-speed punch and ordinary punch

Detailed description of the difference between high-speed punch and ordinary punch Detailed description of the difference between high-speed punch and ordinary punch Now found that some customers on the high-speed punch and punch between the ordinary there are still misunderstandings, the following for your reference: Generally from the following points to distinguish between high-speed punch and ordinary punch: Speed: the general speed of the general punch in 200 times cnc tools, high-speed punch speed is generally 200 to 1000 times less. Control: the ordinary manual, foot; high-speed punch are CNC structural fabrication, automatic feeding. Accuracy: the general accuracy of the general and precision, high-speed presses are sophisticated. High-speed punch is generally used in a relatively large number of products, the product of the relatively high precision stamping parts cnc busbar bender, the price is higher than ordinary punch.

Detailed safety press knowledge Detailed safety

Detailed safety press knowledge Detailed safety press knowledge Key Points of Safe Operation of Pressing Machine

(1) to strengthen the regular maintenance of stamping machinery, non-functioning sick. Before starting the operation, you must carefully check whether the protective device is intact, whether the clutch brake is flexible and safe and reliable; should the workbench of all unnecessary items to clean up, to prevent the work fell to the foot switch, causing punch Suddenly start and the accident cnc angle punching.

(2) red small parts, not by hand, should use special tools, it is best to install automatic feeding device. (3) the operator of the foot switch control must be careful, loading and unloading work, the foot should leave the foot switch. It is strictly forbidden for other personnel to stay around the foot switch.

(4) If the workpiece stuck in the mold, the application of special tools out, not allowed to hand, and should first be removed from the foot pedal.

(5) attention to the mold installation, adjustment and removal of security. ① should be carefully installed before the mold is complete, the necessary protective equipment and other accessories are complete drilling machine. ② check the press and mold the closing height to ensure that the mold used to close the height of the press between the maximum and minimum closing height. ③ When using the discharge device of the press, temporarily adjust it to the highest position so as not to be bent when adjusting the closing height of the press. ④ When installing and adjusting the mold, press the flywheel on the small press (nominal pressure 150 tons or less) to drive the slider to move up and down. For the power control of the large press, press the jog button , Not allowed to use the foot switch control. ⑤ mold installation generally first installed on the mold, after the next mold installed. ⑥ After the mold is installed, it should be run or try to check the correctness of the upper and lower mold position, and unloading, stripping and feeding device is flexible and reliable, and install all safety devices until all meet the requirements. Into production. ⑦ When disassembling the mold, cut off the power supply punch machine for flat bars, turn the press flywheel by hand or pry bar (press the micro-press button to turn on the motor), so that the slider down to the bottom dead center, the upper and lower die in closed state. Then, the first demolition of the mold, after the demolition of the slider to rise to the top dead center, so that with the upper mold completely disengaged, and finally remove the lower mold, and remove the mold to the designated location, and then carefully wipe the surface oil , Coated with anti-rust oil, secure storage, ready for reuse.

heavy punch more and more drill hole in angle iron

punching at home and abroad between the enterprises of tobacco Today, the world’s heavy-duty precision punch manufacturing industry has undergone significant changes in the competitive landscape, mainly in the manufacturer of a high degree of concentration, the level of product technology gradually narrowing the gap, the user needs outstanding personality. Over the years, foreign heavy presses to enter the Chinese market mainly in Germany, Italy-based. By the impact of the world market downturn in punch, the German heavy-duty punch manufacturing industry gradually declining, some well-known enterprises were merged or closed down. However, the Italian heavy-duty enterprises in support of government subsidies, the rapid development in recent years, a great alternative to Germany’s potential. Spain’s heavy-duty punch manufacturing industry development is also impressive, no doubt will pose a certain threat to domestic enterprises iron worker tools. Therefore, in the future market competition, China’s heavy punching machine enterprises are mainly faced with international competitors mainly from Germany, Italy and Spain.

Domestic heavy punch manufacturing enterprises manufacturing capacity is very strong, but large but not fine, the main reason is the processing equipment behind, NC rate is very low, especially the lack of high-precision level of processing equipment. At the same time, domestic enterprises generally lack the ability of independent innovation, because the heavy-duty single-piece small batch of market demand characteristics, decided to higher demand for technological innovation. Domestic heavy-duty punching machine manufacturing industry to catch up with foreign advanced technology Portable Chamfering Machine, to strengthen the ‘independent innovation, precision manufacturing’ concept, accelerate the pace of independent innovation, change the domestic product behind the congenital deficiencies, can not always follow others imitation; Precision manufacturing, improve the level of product manufacturing processes and quality, including a variety of functional parts and related parts, which is the manufacture of CNC punch the two fundamental guarantee, so that China-made heavy punch as soon as possible into the international market and enhance international competition force. In addition, the impact of China’s international competitiveness of heavy punch is also an important factor, the domestic manufacturer of heavy punch more and more drill hole in angle iron, both domestic-funded enterprises, there are joint ventures, as well as the merger of well-known domestic manufacturers of domestic enterprises, market competition has become fierce , A new round of market shuffle is undercurrent. Zhaoqing press information, please click contact us.

Precision steel frame pneumatic punch drill machine for flange

Precision steel frame pneumatic punch, quality and cheap, co-forging punch manufacturers IPM punch precision steel frame manufacturers pneumatic punch body has a very high rigidity and good accuracy of the larger bed, can be applied to continuous processing under the feed, punching, forming, extension and other processing, and optional Installation of mobile trolleys, in order to achieve rapid change model know purpose. This model is particularly suitable for cars, motorcycles, metal, household appliances and other products of the stamping process. And has a straight-type one-piece body to eliminate the similar type C punch body opening phenomenon custom drilling machine. Further improve the processing accuracy and increase the added value. Thereby improving operability and safety at the rear of the press. Body rigidity, vibration, noise also will be reduced, thereby improving the working environment drill machine for flange, etc., is a good punching machine. The company insists on the quality policy of ‘quality first, service wholeheartedly’, and continuously improve the quality consciousness and quality level of the whole staff steel beam fabrication, make sure the quality target and the principle of the products, and ensure the superiority and the superiority of the products in the market competition. Our production of pneumatic presses, precision punching presses and a series of quality and cheap, welcomed the overwhelming majority of customers came to negotiate!

open casting body stiffness angle cutter machine

Precision punch, punch prices, Fukuda punch High rigidity, high-precision structure, the use of steel welding, and by heat treatment CNC Busbar Punching Machine, to eliminate the stress inside the bed. Clutch / brake device is highly sensitive, coupled with the international top double solenoid valve and overload protection device to ensure that the punch slider to run and stop the accuracy and safety. Crankshaft, gears, gear shaft and other parts of friction and other heat treatment by grinding after grinding drilling metal, high wear resistance and balance, stable performance, to ensure punch quality and life. This is the superiority of precision presses compared to other presses. Futian punch equipment factory – IPM production of precision punching: open casting body stiffness angle cutter machine, body tilting, simple structure, beautiful appearance, no solenoid, the use of cylinder traction manipulator, the key to rigid clutch, action sensitive, Reliable performance. For more press prices please click on contact us.

The Specific Meaning and Influence of Accuracy of High Speed

High-speed punch accuracy of the specific meaning and impact? Many customers in the procurement of presses, will ask what is the meaning of precision standards in the end, the specific test is what the project is not the actual punching accuracy of the production? In response to this problem, we here to answer our customers in detail: In the high-speed press punching production, the punch accuracy is very important. Punch precision directly affects the accuracy of stamping products, die life. The accuracy of the press is divided into the static accuracy of the punch when it is not loaded and the dynamic accuracy of the load (punching). High-speed press punching is very important in the actual production of dynamic accuracy, due to the use of presses, the actual load changes in volume is very large, so specifications are technically difficult, it has not yet integrated development, the status quo is static accuracy to represent the precision punch. Punch is the use of a group of molds, processing operations need to set the correct relationship between the mold movement.

Punch the correct relationship between the movement process is the punch accuracy, accuracy is mainly reflected in the punch: First, parallelism, two, vertical, three, the total gap. The relationship between the mold movement is not correct, in addition to reducing product accuracy and shorten the life of the mold, the mold will also lead to easy assembly, can not use precision molds, and will produce intense vibration noise. Co-ordination of the static accuracy of the punch test items are as follows: 1. Punch table above the slider with the following straightness 2. Parallelism between the underside of the slider and the top of the table 3. The vertical movement of the slider and the top of the table 4. Mold handle hole and the straight angle below the slider 5 punching machine. Above and below the joint part of the total gap? Impact of punching accuracy on stamping parts In modern stamping operations, if only high-precision, long life of the mold, without high-precision punch and punching materials with high-quality, is unable to achieve high-precision stamping process. Punch precision and rigidity of the life of a great impact on the mold, the same mold in a different punch on the punch to show different performance and service life. Such as in the general accuracy of the punch on the use of tens of thousands of times that chipping, and in the high-precision precision punch on more than 1 million times have chipping phenomenon.

Dynamic accuracy and punch parts of the rigidity are directly related to the rigidity of a good punch accuracy is relatively high dynamic. If the punch load boring equipment, structure and other compression structure will be deformed. So the static accuracy will deteriorate, you can say that dynamic accuracy is the real precision. Punch precision and accuracy of the product, die life has a very close relationship between. The dynamic accuracy is directly related to the rigidity of each part of the press, and the dynamic accuracy of the punch with good rigidity is relatively high. Actual stamping process is very important in the dynamic accuracy, because the specifications have technical difficulties, it has not yet integrated development, the status quo is the static precision to represent the accuracy of punch. ?? IPM companies adhere to the ‘scientific management custom metal fabrication, and carefully developed; quality and efficient, compliance about re-letter’ quality, and continuously improve the quality of all staff awareness and quality of work.

High-speed punches and precision punch of the integration

High-performance automatic precision punching technology in the punching industry has always occupied a special position drilling milling machine. Unless the matching mold with the same level of excellent performance, even the best performance of automatic high-speed punch is also impossible to obtain the highest performance. High-speed precision punching the same reason, if the automatic punch can not achieve the desired performance, even the world’s best die can not play its due role. In making investment decisions, no one stamping company will be compromised in the quality of the product, and asked to achieve the highest level of productivity. In the investment decision-making, the need to better understand the development trend, not short-sighted, do not see the best symbiotic environment, and will unduly focus on short-term investment cost savings. Most European manufacturers, especially the German metal stamping industry very much appreciate this belief. Easy to forging press) the success of the company’s sales is a good proof, especially in the Yangtze River Delta region and its surrounding high degree of specialization in the development of mold manufacturing enterprises better illustrate this point. About this project Previously, the customer had to punch the parts specified in the processing contract on its four presses, working seven days a week for 24 hours a day to meet the production requirements of 350 million parts per year. The plant was still using non-forgeable presses) and Punch produced by non-Stepper companies. In the case of overtime hole punching machine, the plant’s existing production equipment stamping speed of 400 times / min, and the use of Bruderer and Stepper companies combined production equipment, the ramping speed increased to 800 times / min hydraulic press manufacturers. As a result of the use of two sets of equipment, so the production efficiency of its parts of not less than 1600 pieces / min. This is the effect of the rationalization effect.

However, for the high-speed machine tool system standards, the company’s deputy general manager of Mr. Wang clearly pointed out: ‘Speed ​​does not mean everything, from the high standards of equipment and mold requirements to start.No doubt, the real situation should be : Only consider the whole process of high – speed stamping, continuous production of three shifts, and a high degree of reliability, in order to explain whether it is a perfect or special solution. Just look at the easy punching press.) The company’s punching machines, with its high rigidity design and rigorous level of accuracy, can understand why the system has such a high performance. The success here is based on the expertise of Taiwan and Japan. Where all the high-quality mold parts are designed and manufactured in-house. The mold product line can be divided into three main categories: starting from the PROTO series of molds (for the production of similar prototype tensile die, short delivery time), to the MODULAR 1st generation modular mold (for small and medium-sized product line and complete sets Product line) to modular F1 SUPERTEC technology (for best-in-class mass production).

Super Material In addition to the use of special ceramic materials, the term ‘super-material’ as used herein refers to a hard metal material specially developed for Stepper having a very fine grain structure with a particle size of only 0.3 m ( Typically a hard metal particle size of 0.7 to 1 μm). Precisely because of the fine grain size of the hard metal, it provides the basis for the manufacture of molds with a stable blade, so that their products have a long service life and, of course, many other necessary factors. These factors include internally developed super-surface technology, which enables the product to be machined to have a surface roughness of Ra0.01μm with a tolerance of 1μm. Another example is the development of spraying facilities, the coating surface hardness up to 5000HV. F1 SUPERTEC features high precision and high productivity. This innovative project is a good example of the argument that the ‘Made in China’ molds are still profitable and can benefit the world over. In fact, the company also offers a variety of automatic punch debugging services, Mr. Zhao is not contradictory, he said: ‘For us, on the one hand set up a stamping shop is very important, we can use these presses Testing, using our stamping dies, or developing new manufacturing processes. On the other hand, we also provide services to customers who have no experience or expertise in metal stamping and solve production bottlenecks for those in need . ‘

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